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SitemapHub is one of the most popular online XML sitemap and RSS website generator service.

When you created a new website or had a website, usually the first thing is to create a sitemap for your website and submit to Google, Bing and the other search engines. If you had a big site, you would be for each of category or news channel creates a sitemap, It will spent a lot of time on coding and maintaining.

SitemapHub was created to solve this problem.

SitemapHub enables you to quickly create a XML sitemap and RSS 2.0 for your sites without any coding, no plugin, free hosting your sitemaps and Rss feeds on SitemapHub.


  • Standard RSS 2.0.
  • XML Sitemap feature, support with multiple media format: images, videos, google news.
  • Custom branded domain with SSL certificate, keep your sitemap and RSS secure..
  • Organize your multiple site's sitemap and RSS just in one place.
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