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Create Google Videos Sitemap for Your Site

SitemapHub supports the following videos: [VideoObject]( tag, Youtube(coming soon)

This article is part of series of how to create XML sitemap.

  • Create a Sitemap
  • Create Images Sitemap

1. Login SitemapHub account on platform.


2. Then go to the “Sitemap” page and click “New Sitemap”.

create sitemap

3. After you have selected “New Sitemap” a pop up should appear. Select a "Video" on the "Sitemap Type" list. Enter "" on the "Start Page". Then hit "Continue"

create sitemap

** 4. On the create video images page, enter the below CSS Selector:

ElementsCSS Selector
Entry CSS Selectordiv.p-2.col-md-6
Title CSS Selectormeta[itemprop="name"]
Link CSS Selectora[href]
Thumbnail CSS Selectorimg[src]
Description CSS Selector
Paging CSS Selector

create sitemap

5. Click "Save" on the top right of page. publish your video sitemap.

6. Waiting SitemapHub to create a video sitemap, this usually will takes minutes to completed.

<urlset xmlns="" xmlns:video="">
<![CDATA[ Sea, Iceland, Ocean, Water ]]>
<![CDATA[ Sea, Iceland, Ocean, Water ]]>
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