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Create Your first XML Sitemap Online Without Coding

In this article, we will take tech website as our example how to create sitemap for

1. Login SitemapHub account on platform.


2. Then go to the “Sitemap” page and click “New Sitemap”.

create sitemap

3. After you have selected “New Sitemap” a pop up should appear. Selecting your sitemap type and enter the page URL then hit “Continue”.

create sitemap

4. Now that we are go into the create Sitemap page.

create sitemap

5. Selected “Entry CSS Selector” on the “Sitemap Elements” area and then moving mouse on the “Main Page Area”.

Custom your sitemap links. You decide which links add into the XML sitemap. You also can keep the default value:“a[href]”.

Notes: If your souce page has the next page link, you can enable “Paging CSS Selector”, that means SitemapHub will auto load the next page until go the the last page or reached the maximum pages. like the image below:

create sitemap

6. Click “Save” button on the top of page to publish your sitemap.

create sitemap

7. On the "Save and Publish Sitemap" dialog, you allows turn on "Submit XML sitemap to Google and Bing" option, automatic submit your sitmap to Google and Bing.

We provides a free Ping tool, allows your manually submit sitemap via to the multiple search engines.

7. Press “Publish” , your new Sitemap will display in the Sitemap list page.

create sitemap

Next submit your sitemap to the search engines: How to submit your sitemap to Google and Bing

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