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List of Frequently Ask Questions

A: What is the SitemapHub spider name?

sitemaphub-bot is the sitemaphub web spider name.

Why my site page not success load on SitemapHub?

Once your site enable DDOS protection or Google's reCAPTCHA verfitication, SitemapHub will cannot visit your website.

If your get "One more step" page or show 403 error message on SitemapHub, please put sitemaphub-bot into your white-list.

How often does my Sitemap/RSS feed update?

  • Sitemap auto updates every 6-12 hours.
  • RSS feed auto updates every 3-6 hours.

You can manually update your Sitemap/RSS by Select Item > More > Start Refetch.

Why my feed file always show Pending?

It could be the following reason:

  • Your site is not verified. Verify site ownership

  • Your subscription has been expired. Update your subscription

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